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The Heart

Pornography affects your heart and your attitude.

Pornography, like most drugs, captures and binds the heart of the viewer. Patrick F. Fagan, a Family Research Council senior fellow and director of its Center for Research on Marriage and Religion says "pornography significantly distorts attitudes and perceptions about the nature of sexual intercourse," Fagan wrote. "Men who habitually look at pornography have a higher tolerance for abnormal sexual behaviors, sexual aggression, promiscuity and even rape."

Pornography use is one of the most common reasons for divorce today. An organization, built to inform others about the dangers of pornography use, Fight The New Drug says "after being exposed to pornography, men reported being less satisfied with their partners' physical appearance, sexual performance, and level of affection and express greater desire for sex without emotional involvement.". The heart can be gratified by a deep level of connection through intimacy, however pornography is void of intimacy or feeling, instead it promises the fulfilling of desire and only leaves the viewer unsatisfied and wanting more and more.

"Given the massive, deleterious individual, marital, family and social effects of pornography," Fagan wrote, "it is time for citizens, communities and government to reconsider their laissez-faire approach."

The Brain

Pornography affects your brain and its processing.

Neural pathways are responsible for the transfer of information to and from the brain. These neural pathways are like freeways and based on how the brain develops and what information is put in, it can be wired in such a way that it believes things are right that might in fact be wrong. Studies have shown that the brain beings to rewire itself with only a few hours of pornography use.

As the brain gets overloaded with sexual images/videos, designed to arouse the user, the body is flooded with dopamine, the “feel good drug”, while viewing or masturbating. As this happens, the brain realizes that the body cannot sustain this amount of “drug” so it shuts off dopamine receptors. As these receptors shut down, the next interaction with pornography does not produce the same effect. The user must search for something new that triggers the release of more dopamine. This is generally something harder, more graphic, and sometimes violent or illegal. This is the beginning of the cycle of addiction as the body begins to desire more and more.

Another drug called oxytocin is released during this process. Oxytocin is the “bonding drug”. This, much like dopamine, is intended for a purpose. When a man and woman that are interested in each other hold hands, this drug is released. This is a bonding agent that helps to build relationships. When viewing pornography, being flooded with dopamine, the body starts to bond with the process. Eventually, like any bond, the user begins to despise anything that takes himself or herself away from the “process”.

The World

Pornography has an affect on the entire world.

With pervasive pornography use, many issues have started to arise as a result. Those issues include a general negativity and disrespect towards women, a society that is less empathetic towards sexual violence and rape, and as well an assumption that women are sexual objects designed for only pleasure. The amount of child pornography and users sharing material has exploded over the last decade. Many pornography video websites share videos of either "teen" themed and/or "incest roleplay" videos.

PornHub's top search terms, in their 80 million daily views, includes "lesbian", "step mom", and "milf". However, there is some hope! Since the year 2016 Arkansas, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and Virginia have declared a public health crisis regarding pornography use, with as many as 5-6 more states looking make help and support for recovery available. This is a major step in recognizing the issues with pornography use, especially with the younger generations.

Pornography use has played a major part in the ending of marriages, with many divorce cases referencing pornography use as a major issue. As marriage declines, the family declines. Eventually real relationships are replaced with on-screen pleasure. Pornography addiction affects men, women, children, marriages, families, careers, communities, towns, cities, states, and ultimately the world.

What Are The Experts Saying?

Dr. William Struthers

The dark side of oxytocin release in porn viewing binds you to pixels which breaks the bond with others.

Dr. William Struthers Wired For Intimacy
Jessica Harris

Pornography objectifies women right? So imagine what it does to a woman watching it!

Jessica Harris @BeggarsDaughter
Steve Arterburn

Interest in sex is dying and marriages are dead because of pornography!

Steve Arterburn New Life Ministries
Dr. Judith Reisman

You don't need to be an addict to be harmed by pornography.

Dr. Judith Reisman The Kensey Coverup
Dr. Mary Anne Layden

Internet porn is a teaching environment but everything it teaches is a LIE.

Dr. Mary Anne Layden Center for Cognitive Therapy

From The Ex-Performer

Randy Spears's Testimony

In the 1980's, Greg moved to California to become an actor. When the writer's strike hit, Greg was forced to find other work. Starving and broke, Greg had no idea that one business card would lead him to becoming "the most popular, most decorated male porn star of all time."

Pastors View Regularly
Child Porn Traders In U.S.
Estimated Global Worth
Seen by Children 8-16

From The Victim

Elizabeth Smart Speaks Out

Elizabeth Smart's horrific story began on the night of June 5, 2002 in an upscale neighborhood in Salt Lake City, when a bearded man cut the screen of her open bedroom window and dragged the 14-year-old girl into the night with a knife to her throat. For the next nine months, Elizabeth was held captive in the Utah mountains and raped multiple times a day.

"Teens & young adults view "not recycling" as more immoral than viewing porn." - Barna Research

From The Doctor

Donald L. Hilton Jr., MD

Donald L. Hilton Jr., MD author of "He Restoreth my Soul" speaks to a wide audience on the impacts of Pornography on the Brain. Dr. Hilton is a leading neurosurgeon, and uses his practical knowledge to explain why Pornography is so addicting.

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