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Current estimates are that over 70% of men are regularly watching pornography, and that includes men who attend church. Getting help with a problem must always start with recognition that a problem indeed exists... Rend the Veil's mission is to do just that. From the ashes of a broken life came a 5-part series that can be presented to men in a day or over a few weeks. Each part of the series has a specific purpose, backed by Scriptural truth, building upon the previous session.

The Series

The design of the series is to take each person through a process of seeing that first there is a problem in the world, then a problem in their own lives, then helping them to recognize how this problem will eventually end. After this, we talk about the cure to this problem. A general breakdown of the series, with session descriptions, can be found below. Each session begins in the Word, followed up by some questions that will be answered during the session, ending with Q&A, sometimes a little worship, and prayer.

The Sessions

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  • 1
    The Appeal
  • 2
    The Orbit
  • 3
    The Depths
  • 4
    The Rending
  • 5
    The Regeneration

The Convincing Argument

“Surely you will not die” said the serpent. The angel of light comes at us with his half-truths and temptations. He says the exact things our flesh wants to hear. In this first session we will talk about our enemy, his mission and try and answer some questions about how he says the things we want to hear. We will use Genesis 3:1-9 as our jumping off point. After all, his initial deception is the catalyst.

  • How common is this problem, really? (Statistically speaking)
  • What do I believe about pornography and sexual sin? (Group Activity)
  • Am I addicted? What are the stages of “addiction”?

The Endless Cycle of Living in Light and Dark

Just like the moon we spend time in the light, at church or work and we spend time in the darkness. This cycle breaks down our will, our strength, and our relationship with the Lord. This session will cover those two sides and also the reality, like drugs, of the need for harder more graphic pornography and acting out sexually as we de-sensitize ourselves. We will begin to look at David and his fall with Bathsheba from 2 Samuel 11.

  • Why are there two sides of me?
  • How do we deal with situations, like David’s, when they arise?
  • We all have vulnerability points. We must recognize them. (Group Activity)
  • How long can I continue this cycle?

The Abyss of Despair and Bondage

“Set Uriah in the forefront of the hottest battle, and retreat from him, that he may be struck down and die.” Continuing to look at David in 1 Samuel 11:14-17 we talk about David’s plot and murder of Uriah to answer this session questions. David’s deepest low involving hiding and continuing in his sin caused the death of others. Are we all capable of this? We also take a look at a video interview of someone who's life was affected by porn.

  • How low or far will I go?
  • What are the dangers of continuing in sin? Marriage, children, legal trouble…
  • Interview (Video Activity)

Revealing All that is Hidden

After the fall, in Genesis 3:8-13, Adam was hiding while the Lord was walking through the garden. Many times we ask where the Lord is in our struggles, but the question is “Where are you?”. We must confess and we must repent, at any cost, instead continuing to stumble and fall while seeking a hiding place. Our subjects in this session will be confession, defining repentance and its difference from remorse and lastly we will cover the rending of the veil and its immeasurable significance.

  • Why must I confess? Why is sorry not enough?
  • How does remorse differ from repentance?
  • What happened with the veil was torn?

Making All Things New

In this last session we use the Lord’s promise in Ezekiel to put a new heart and new spirit within us. Next we talk about the cost of being a disciple of the Lord, our lives. We also cover accountability through brotherhood and technology and its role in our lives. We finally end with a battle plan leaving the class, no war can be won without a plan.

  • What is the Christian life of battle?
  • What is real accountability?
  • What is our battle plan?

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